How to Surf like Dane

Better Surfing by Improving Your Body

The Best Training for Bigger Surf

After the epic winter of 2015, is your body ready for the next one?

Anybody from California will tell you that this last El Nino winter was THE BEST WINTER in recorded history, don't believe me? Check out this video:

The west coast got some of the most consistent, amazing swell it has seen in over 100 years. Days after days of perfect waves. Do you HONESTLY think you are ready for that amount of surfing? I didn't either before I started to do some surf specific workout programs.

I've talked to a lot of surfers about the best surf training workouts but I wanted to find out for myself and this is what I found.

Many surfers have limited time to practice and progress because the ocean doesn’t always offer up the best conditions or the exact same sections. Some turns and airs are very hard to replicate over and over again (unless you have a wave-pool in your backyard). It’s important to make the most of the limited time we get to work on our surfing skill set. If we miss opportunities to surf because we’re training or we’re too sore to surf because we’ve trained excessively our performance in the water will be compromised.


One thing that many people forget about is doing squats and leg workouts. Personally, I have found myself fighting my way through a long, glassy wall trying my best to stay within the pocket. I tend to focus predominately on training my legs if I know that I have a surf trip coming up to one of those leg burning waves. If you wonder where you can find one of theme amazing leg burning waves you can look into booking a trip to Santa Barbara, California, Skeleton Bay, Namibia, or even the gold coast of Australia. When you go on a surfing trip to a popular break it is important to make sure you are surfing at the best of your abilities, you don't want to blow the wave of your life at a popular spot as nobody will ever let you get a wave again. Get the details on my training regiments through this link.

Until the Kelly Slater Wave Company is ready to start offering wave pools at a reasonable cost all over the world, the fact is most surfers are going to have to be flexible in terms of how they train. Not all of us can surf every day- some people have jobs or other responsibilities they need to do and then might not have time to get down for a surf. So when that unexpected overhead swell hits your local beach it is good to be physically fit and ready.

Picture this scenario - the set of the day comes through, like that wave Craig Anderson rode in Indo (you know the one that got the cover of Surfers Journal?). Do you have the paddle fitness to get yourself out the back and still have enough energy to catch the best wave of your life and possibly one of the best waves ever ridden? I know I didn't have that level of fitness before i started training, you can see some examples of my training regiment by clicking here.

You might be wondering what sort of workouts you should be considering to help you send bigger airs, or tighten up your turns to win your next QS event. Well, here's one example of a workout tip for you to consider.

The Basic Surfers Workout

Surfers pop up or surfers Burpee

1.Lying face down with your chin tucked position your arms in a “Y” position, thumbs up and shoulder blades drawn together then draw your elbows back into a “W” position still keeping your shoulder blades drawn together and thumbs your hands on the ground close to your chest elbows drawn in to your rib cage and pop up into your surf stance. 5 reps each side (natural and regular)

2.Lunge Twist Standing feet together step forward into a lunge, hold this position and twist the same direction to the leg thats in front. (amazing dynamic stretch for the hips during this exercise) . 5 reps each side..

3.Lateral lunge into single leg stabilisation. Start feet together then take a wide step to the side squatting as you go through the movement, once you star shifting weight onto the opposite leg go into a single leg stance. Stabilise and balance in this position for a second or two then repeat.(another dynamic stretch this time for the adductors) 5 reps each side.

4. 20 double unders or 100 skips if you can’t yet do double unders.. Try and go through this circuit three to six times without rest but keeping perfect form, don’t rush it. Have someone film you for visual feedback to have an awareness on how you move. ill keep adding slightly more progressive workouts every three weeks to keep you challenged and motivated Keep it fun. For more exercises like this, check out these awesome tutorials.

Barrel Vision!

Once I started training, getting waves like these was insanely easy! Click pics for more!